Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

Thursday I rocked at Foundations class. Friday I finally did Afterburn! and I lived to continue to do it again on Saturday!  Saturday was much harder, even though it was the same class with everything the same I think it was just the exertion 2 days in a row.

How afterburn works is a high intensity circuit. This weeks class was 5 or 6 stations that you'd do the exercise for 60 seconds and then a 30 second brake, doing that twice then a minute brake then do the other side or stations twice.

I've been watching my eating but not tracking the calories, it's very fustating to track them with this new site that they gym has since we eat a lot of food from Aldi that they don't have in the data base.  I'm still aiming for lower carb foods and feeling good.

I picked up a new water bottle today that the cat can't tip over! It also fits ice cubes with no problem.

Tomorrow I meet with the personal trainer, Tuesday is Foundations, Wednesday is program design, Thursday is Foundations, Friday and Saturday is afterburn. The following week is my last week of the free trial and sadly I lose my classes and personal training but I think I can still keep up with just a cardio and program design. 

Since I'm down 9lbs I'm going to schedule my massage. I can't wait.

I'm on track with my goal of about 10lbs a month.  We'll see where I get.

I've been feeling a bit depressed lately and that's not something normal for me at all so I'm going to be posting things that I'm happy for, thankful for and things that I'm looking forward to.

I'm happy that I'm able to afford a gym membership and I'm healthy enough to work towards my goal.
I'm looking forward to more thrift clothes shopping.
I promise to myself that I will replace all my undies with Victoria Secret ones when I read the size I want to stay.

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