Monday, May 7, 2012

Slacker <- That's me!

Wowza have I been slacking and definitely feeling it... meaning I feel like poo! Eating way too much simple sugar (picture bowls of ice cream, chip and dip, white bread galore!) and it must stop!

I love love love to eat out, growing up it was always a "reward" for good grades to go out to dinner or get an ice cream treat. Now I turn to crappy MSG filled restaurant food like I'm addicted too it. I can't stop eating it, well I can stop eating it I just have to plan ahead and not be a lazy bum!  It would also help if I could find away to get my hubby to be more excited about eating healthy with me. He's not a fan of some of the new things I made that I love (such as this recipe from Pasta Queen I believe it wasn't flavorful enough for him. My sister who is the world's pickiest eater ate one.

Working to recommit myself to making wiser/healthy food choices and working out minimum 5 days a week. I miss feeling energized and seeing myself shrink. I can't wait to share clothes with my sister!

I really need to find a way to become addicted to calorie counting since I know if I track those I'd be able to lose the weight with out a question.  Moving forward and not looking back...