Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday.. resting

Enjoying the day away from the gym, it's kind of weird not to be there. I'm going to go tomorrow and get some cardio in to work off the fudge pops I ate. 70 calories but still need to work them off. I did shovel some more snow off the patio to keep Mr. Maverick from peeing there and making it look gross. Don't think the tenant would like to look at that when she comes outside either.

Now I just need to keep my hubby from trying to eat everything that is loaded with grease, fat, and calories. 1st he wanted Buffalo Wild Wings, then it was pizza, then Denny's, then George Webb's! for the love of my belly flab I don't need to eat those things and if he gets them it will make me very grumpy that I can't join in like I use to. But then again, doing what I did before got me where I am now.... 100lbs over weight eww.

I was looking at local thrift stores in Milwaukee that carry vintage and designer clothes, I can't wait till I can visit the stores and not have to call 1st to see if their carry plus sizes. 

Pushing on.

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