Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Program and Check in Day

Friday check in!

Bust: 47.75"  -1.75"
Waist: 39.5" - 1"
Hips: 47.75"- .25"

Weight: 240lb- No change

This shows how important it is to take your measurement. They will help you from getting discouraged when your weight doesn't go down. I've lost an additional 2" but my weight hasn't changed.  There are so many factors that can change your weight but your measurements are a bit more solid.

I know I could have eaten better this week and I would have had a bigger loss but I'm not in a hurry to drop all the weight at once. I want my skin to be able to keep up with my loss to avoid as much sagging as I can. I hear drinking lots of water can help with that.

Today I finally got my new workout and I'm so excited, it's challenging and very different then my last program.

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