Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Check in Week 14

Yippy weighted in today and I'm down to 235lbs!

Last time I was losing weight and got to this point I was feeling deprived and gave up. I was hungry and wanted everything. Now I eat things I enjoy but with a different thought process. I no longer eat tons to pasta, potatoes, and rice or bread. I still eat them but it's not all the time, I opt for extra veggies and protein. I am also eating breakfast every day, loving Silk's Almond milk that is unsweetened and flavored with vanilla. Only 35 calories too. I add that to 1tbsp of hemp seeds for protein and then some frozen fruit and some times unsweetened cocoa powder (the sweetness of the fruit makes it sweet).  I really love bananas and the cocoa powder as it tastes almost like the one from Starbucks from last year.

As of Monday I have completed week 4 of C25K on the treadmill, I was so proud of myself and really wanted to give up in the last minute of running but I held out and got it done!  Now on to week 5 finished workout 1 on Wednesday and that was 3 5min runs w/ 3 min rests so not too bad but I might extend week 5 into to weeks doing each workout twice once on the elliptical and then once on the treadmill since I find it much harder there.

Keep Strong as it is the NEW Skinny!

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