Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring or Maybe Summer?

Wow for over the past week the weather has been so nice it feels like Summer! In Wisconsin! Seriously 80 degree days it's been crazy.  I've working out and working on my yard and holding pretty steady since I'm def. not eating enough veggies.

I have a new strength training routine:
Push-ups super set with 60 degree rows
Goblet squats super set with limited rotations
Kettle Bell swings super set with over head pull downs
Then the killer planks w/ a hip slap super set with dumbbell over head press!

Then my finisher is Kettle bell figure-8's and touchdown squats (I can only got 15 secs before dying on those so I wonder how long it will take to be able to do the full 30 seconds. Took me about 3 weeks for the mountain climbers.)

The craziest places that I've notice weight loss so far is my neck and my feet!  My boobs have shrunk too but I'm happy about that. Wonder if I'll need a breast lift when I'm all done with this...

I wanted to add my current measurements

Bust 48"   +.25
Waist 38"  -.5
Hips  48"  +.25

Amazing how things can change. I'm holding onto a lot of water right now from switching up my weight training so I'm not even going to include my weight this week.

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