Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Foul Follow-up

It's amazing how much you can want to do something but habit just keeps you in one place.  I want to lose this excess weight for so many reasons, but I'll still finding myself stagnant.  I'm thinking about "restarting" the South Beach diet since I was able to lose weight steadily and pretty effortlessly.  Aside from the planning that goes into not hitting Applebee's or a the drive though every day.

I've had a pretty good week, I've been kind of half ass counting calories (even though I really hate doing it) just to get an idea of what I'm consuming.  I hit the gym on Monday with the hubby.  We switched to a Planet Fitness so it's only $20/mo for the both of use where it use to be $60+/mo.  The have a self led circuit training section and I tried it for the 1st time and really enjoyed it.  Now I'm sore... 2 days later!  I went for a walk with my crazy tenant and the little pupper... should have gotten a photo of him in his snow suit and boots.

They are forecasting snow for tomorrow so we'll see what we get... I'm hoping to be able to get up and down stairs tomorrow so I can do the circuit training again with out falling on my FACE!

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