Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breaking Promises

"I promises to start a diet tomorrow" haha, how many of you have said that to yourselves?  I think at one point or another we all have said something along those lines if we felt we needed to lose weight.  I know I've heard my mom say it, I know I've said it. 

The more we lie to ourselves the easier it gets and the farther we get from our goals.  It hurts when someone else lies to us so why would we lie to ourselves?  I guess I never though about it till I hear Oprah say it on her show. I had been watching on summer vacation as  kid.  I have since learned that "diet" isn't something you "go on" it's whatever you eat.  Going on a diet says that at some time you are going to switch back to you old ways.  If you change your diet your not planning to. 

I am continuing to make changes to the foods I eat along with learning how to fit exercise in my life.  With out change that we can keep up with we will fall back on what was so "easy" for us before.  I'm not sure how it's easy to haul around extra weight but I do it... 

Don't start tomorrow, start today, start NOW. Your future is only a moment away.

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