Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feeling Pretty

So Friday while I was out shopping and felt really pretty so I snapped this photo with my phone

No was I was not driving, i was stopped at the world's longest light! 

I also gave myself a new manicure using a water marble technique I learned from Colette over at  My Simple Little Pleasures.  My hubby was rushing me so we could go grab some dinner and see Top Gun in 3D so my clean-up wasn't really even done.  I used 2 Orly polishes I've gotten from clearance at Sally Beauty.

Saturday morning while hanging out on the sofa before heading off to the gym I had this adorable group gather.

Monster the tabby on the sofa arm is 7, Belle-bel is the Linx Point Siamese and she's 4, Kiki is the little tabby getting groomed and she'll be a year in March. Maverick my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be 6 in March.  I love them all.  If you notice the cardboard taped to our hutch... the vacuum fell over and broke the ugly glass and I haven't had the time to get new glass, I want to get something textured. I'm hoping to find some sort of cool plexi glass as that would be safer for when we move out and rent to someone.

Fitness wise I have hit the gym Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I've taken off Tuesday and Wednesday and planning on getting up early and going before work tomorrow and early Friday.  Been doing the 30 minute circuit and alternating days with treadmill running hoping to get up 30 minutes of continues running by end of April.

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