Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hitting it Hard

My husband and I switched gyms today.  We use to go to a small gym that had a few too many of my husband's clients (he owns a computer business), and it was small so if there was a class going on there really wasn't room for you to do your strength training.  We've switched to the cheap-o Planet fitness that even thought the parking lot looked really full it felt pretty empty inside.

I warmed up at 3.0 for 3 minutes cause I had been practicing line dancing prior to heading out, then I ran for 10minutes at 3.9. I went back and forth between walking at in incline and running for the rest of the 40minutes.

I'm going to add some strength training in at the gym once I figure out when the weights are the quietest.

I will update my current weight on Friday when I weigh in.

Stay strong my friends.

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