Sunday, December 25, 2011

Starting New

This is me and my dog Maverick, a cavalier king charles spaniel with past May.
I am on a mission to lose almost 1/2 my body weight.  I've tried in the past and lost about 20lbs in 2 months. During that time I had an awesome workout partner but when I lost her I kind of lost my motivation.  I now know I need to keep myself at it, it's a change for my health now and my health later.

My grandparents, mom, and my mom's brother all have type 2 diabetes and that scares me to death. But I guess not enough to keep me going.  I'm not one to beat myself up when I have an extra piece of chocolate but I also need to find something to keep that drive going.

For Christmas I received 2 30-day gifts to work out with a personal trainer at one of the local gyms from my Father-in-Law (along with an hour massage and another gift certificate to an accessory/jewelery store). I'm so excited that tomorrow I will call be calling the gym to find out the details that I need to get signed up.

I will be updating here regularly, hopefully daily with my food and workout diary along with weight loss photos and cute pet photos.

Merry Christmas!

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