Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 2 At the Gym

Another day under calories! Go for me!  I also did 60mins on the elliptical today and did just over 4 miles during that time, I forgot how many calories the machine said I burned but no biggie I still did the full 60 minutes!!!! So how long before I can get 5 miles in 60 minutes?  Lets aim for the end of January, I'm hoping for a 10lb lose by then.  Can we do it, yes we can. Motivation, determination, healthy eating, and lots of exercise.

I really have forgotten how much I love to lift weights.  Feeling your muscles engage as you lift and as you complete your reps you can feel them get more and more tired but you just keep pushing on.  Gaaa I love that feeling.  I did the set that I had the last time attended this gym.

Looking forward to my meeting with Kip on Monday to set me up with a plan.  I have a long way to go and no quick way to get there.... but  I will make it there before this weight kills me or my health.

Looking forward to shopping in normal stores... not worrying but if my boobs are going to be resting on the table at a restaurant. Speaking of restaurants I have no urg for fast food, looked at taco bell when I passed this this evening when I came home from work and was like yuck. So much greasy non-filling food for so many calories!

Thinking about looking into the south beach diet or maybe just eliminating gluten.

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