Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moving on down (in sizes)

Yippy I can fit into a pair of Old Navy 16's!  I may have a hugest muffin top but I can get them on and breath.  I stomach fat is very... smooshy... I wounder is some sort of belly band or tank would help with the look...  I also have some Levi's 18th that I can fit in pretty well, can't wait to lose another 10lbs or so so they look nicer.  I was really hoping that I'd lose the weight before my thighs wore though my last jeans.

I spent the day hunting for a mustard yellow cardigan but I had no luck.  I tired TJ Maxx, Target, Kohls, Boston Store... none, nada.  Going to hit the mall and try Old Navy and maybe some of the plus size stores if I get desperate..

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