Saturday, February 22, 2014

Every Day Battle

I haven't been doing much of anything expect for work lately, and eating out.  Working 10+hours some days.  Still happily stuck around 240lbs even with eating like crap.

I've always had skin that hasn't been clear.  I've never had the issues that some people have but I have a few blemishes at a time and they always leave dark marks behind of my fair skin.  I finally gave in after trying a million different products from the drug stores (natural ingredients and not) and bought Proactive.  After the 1st week I'm impressed, I had tried the original formula many years ago and that just made my skin mad, red, dry, gross.  Tried their new system and very happy with how moisturizing my skin feels along with the slow changes I see in my skin.  I've seen a lot of change with my black heads and minor fading of my dark marks on my cheeks.

I keep going back and forth on eating "south beach" style or just sticking with whole foods.  Working towards whole foods and leaning on the low carb south beach background.

Took this photo with my phone camera today, really can't tell how different my skin is but I love my new hair color.

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