Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Think Positive, Be Positive

There is something that I have tried to teach the girls I had coached for 4 years.  If you are positive positive things will find you.  You see these teenage girls get picked on for such silly things and it hurts them so much.  How often to we pick on ourselves,  negative self talk, emotional eating.  All this negativity causes us to back petal and continue down that path we were trying to move away from. 

I'm now working towards keeping all negative thoughts out of my brain.  No complaining about work, being tired, not even the weather.  Keeping positive isn't the easiest thing the 1st day or even the 2nd the more you practice it the less you think negatively about things.  You start brushing off the negative things your coworkers complain about, you find the positive things in the grey boring things. 

When I focus on health, fitness, and work out I find that everything is easy.  When I forgo my hyper focusing on getting healthy I start slipping more and more and the weight goes right back on.  Through positive thinking and planning I shall be who I envision myself to be.

Stay strong my friends.

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